Different Wheels For Different Seasons-Brief Note

Often, drivers are not aware of how much of an impact driving with winter wheels during the colder months can have. The effect is massive and it’s a great idea to invest in some wheels. When preparing your car for the winter, you will need winter wheels, winter tyres and a snow emergency kit, this will give you piece of mind when travelling. Preparation is key, it’s vital when trying to stay safe throughout the winter. It’s a good idea to think about buying your winter wheels in the autumn, that way you’re not leaving it until last minute and you’re sure to be able to purchase the correct type of wheel for your vehicle. Industry experts recommend that you should use winter wheels within the months of October to March – during this time period is when the weather slips below 7 degrees C. There are two different types of wheels for winter. The first type is winter steel wheels, they are very effective, can improve performance massively during winter, and they’re extremely cost effective. However, they are not the most aesthetically pleasing wheel on the market! Winter alloy wheels are a better looking alternative to the steel wheels. Along with this marked improvement in appearance, the price of the wheels also increases! If you like your car to look good, the alloy variety is the best investment for you. Winter wheels are very easy to clean as they don’t have little rivets or multiple spokes that can gather dirt and mud. Have a look at tire Puyallup for more info on this.

It’s a good idea to use winter-appropriate wheels with winter tyres too, as they work really well together. Winter wheels can improve performance in slushy and icy conditions, there’s a common misconception that winter wheels and tyres are merely to be used when there is heavy snowy and unbearable weather conditions. In adverse weather, winter tyres function very well because they are made with a unique rubber compound to standard tyres. The silica-base mix makes sure that the tyre stays soft at lower temperatures. They provide excellent grip which means you can handle your vehicle better. It’s important to make sure that you fit your vehicle with standard wheels once the season has changed back to summer; this is because the wheels suitable for use in winter will not aid the best performance in the warmer months. By installing winter tyres and wheels to your car or van you are instantly making it safer on the road. However, you should consistently be cautious whilst driving throughout the winter – other drivers may not be as well prepared!